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Friday, March 31, 2006

Hotline On Call: Luntz Focus Groups The Dems....

Just released focus group findings provide important insights re the 2008 Dem Presidential hopefuls. According to well-respected but admittedly Republican pollster Frank Luntz, American Dems want an anti-bush who's not a "Bush-Basher". Hmm. The overview is available on Hotline, a National Journal blog:
Hotline On Call: Luntz Focus Groups The Dems....: "Luntz Maslansky Strategic Research presented its findings on the '08 Dem field this a.m. to reporters at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast.
Their focus groups tested Dem primary voters in NH and IA. We don't know the size/demographic balance, etc., so don't read too much into the conclusions. (And don't ever confuse focus groups with polls -- we'll let Mark Blumenthal elaborate, if he wants to.)

What do Dems want? Per The Luntz interpretation of said focus groups: 'When all is said and done, the Democratic nominee will be the person they believe has the best handle on the future and who can best bring about the change and reform they are desperately seeking.' And 'perhaps most importantly, they want the anti-Bush' who is not a 'Bush basher.' The Dems 'don't want a grouchy, accusatory, finger-pointing yeller. They want someone smart but with good common sense, a leader with new ideas who believes and practices accountability.' "

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