Saturday, February 25, 2006

Just How Solid Is That Center? (

Ever wonder just where you fit in the political spectrum? For a quick but insightful analysis, take this online poltical quiz at
For more info, here's the writeup from the Washington Post:
Just How Solid Is That Center? (

"Forget poring over tedious policy papers: Someone has already come up with a quick way for you to find your place in the political spectrum.
In 1969, David Nolan -- a political scientist who had been frustrated by simplistic 'left-right' labels -- devised a chart to help delineate the shades of difference in between;categories also include authoritarian, libertarian and centrist (see below). Nolan believedhis chartwas a more accurate way tomeasure a person's political philosophy becauseit was based on how much, or how little, governmental control a person favored in matters of economics and personal freedom. "

Take the quiz: