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Monday, October 25, 2004

WolfpacksforTruth.org: The Real Story on George Bush's "Wolves" Commercial

WolfpacksforTruth.org: The Real Story on George Bush's "Wolves" Commercial
Forget polls. This really perks up my day. If you've seen or even read about the new RNC commercial that uses wolves as a metaphor for terrorists you'll understand the genius of this web site, which critiques the commercial from the wolves' [imagined] point of view. Totally hilarious but informative commentary!!! One quote (from one of the wolves): "They told us we were shooting a Greenpeace commercial! When the camera crew showed up, we wondered why they were all driving Hummers. Our agent assured us it was a Greenpeace commercial and they paid TWICE our hourly steak rate."

In addition to being funny, the site contains important information on the Bush record on the environment. What a creative, smart, and to call attention to the absurdities of the Bush-Cheney campaign and their horrendous record.

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